If trends continue and things work out the way they look like they are going to, the Jazz will win tonight and move onto game 7 Monday. I'm giving the ESA some love. If you haven't been to game this year you probably shouldn't be reading this and should also be very ashamed of yourself. The games have been electric and loud, much louder than last year. I've been arriving quite early to the games and there are 6-7 thousand people at the ESA 45 minutes prior to tip-off. Tonight will be no different.

I am putting the stamp on tonight's game, Jazz by 8. After watching all the games again over the past few days, I have come to the conclusion that Boozer is playing well considering he is being guarded by two 7 footers. I will admit I have been frustrated with his lack of production, but after watching the games rarely are there less than three Lakers in the paint when he gets the ball. The Lakers have also been keeping him away from his left hand which is his off hand but he dominates with it.

Deron needs to come out firing and keep up the tempo. Brewer needs to continue to be the games high scorer after the first quarter. Memo needs to set the tone early on Pau that he will get hit and hit hard tonight. Ak needs to stay out of foul trouble. As a team we need to stay out of the bonus until the final two minutes or longer of each quarter. Lakers are an excellent free throw shooting team and have showed that in every games except for game 4.

If gambling were legal you would probably want to take the Jazz-4 and over 212. I believe this will be a high scoring game tonight in the area of 118-110.

So if your thinking about going to the zoo, park, or watching a movie for FHE Monday night, change your plans. The Jazz will be playing a game seven. -Spencer