If you're married, today is a love/hate day. You either hate it because you have to plan something romantic, or you love it because generally it's one of the only two guaranteed sex days of the year (the other being birthdays). As a Jazz fan, over the past 23 years or so there have been players that I have loved to hate.

Here are my top five in descending order (please add any that I have forgotten):
5. Sam Cassell - The only reason I am scared of aliens. I can't stand his game. He is a guard who thinks he is Shaq while trying to back people down in the lane. He has got to be one of the top trash talkers in NBA which also bothers me. I don't mind a little jawing, but he talks about player's moms and stuff. As a Jazz fan, I think the reason I hate him the most--Rings. He has more rings than the entire Jazz franchise, which is horribly disappointing.

4. Robert "Big Shot Rob" Horry - Seven rings all due to an uncanny and ridiculous ability to get traded or signed to championship teams.

3. Kobe "10 million dollar valentines day ring" Bryant - I graduated from High School in 1996, which is the same year as Kobe. I look at what he has done with his life and what I have done with mine, and it just makes me hate him. Three rings, 11 All-Star Games, one 81 point game and no MVP's makes me hate him even more. I also hate that the Jazz/Lakers games at Energy Solutions Arena always sound like they are being played at the Staples Center because of all the bandwagon Lakers fans attending the game. If you have no idea what im talking about, go to a Jazz/Lakers game.

2. Brian Skinner/Drew "Goat Tail" Gooden/Chris "Caveman" Caman - Number two is acutally a combination of three players. Against the rules, I know, but this is purely because of the way that they look. Here is a link to more bad haircuts:

1. Manu "Flopobili" Ginobili - I don't feel that there is an explanation needed here. However, after going to the Jazz @ Denver game last week, I get the feeling that Matt Harpring is turning into the Jazz's Manu. Everyone loves to hate Harpring. Go Matty!

- Spencer