The Jazz are 4-0 thanks to an off-season trade for Knight. Imagine the Jazz right now with Hart in the game, we would be lucky at 2-2 but probably sitting in S.A's spot at 1-3. Don't get me wrong, I love Price and even more so that he is the only UVU product in professional sports, but he his having an awful start. I imagine that Knight will be the backup to Deron when Deron comes back from this frustrating injury.

The Jazz pulled out a victory last night against, what I believe,will be a playoff team the Portland Trailblazers. They did this by hitting their free throws 21-22 without Korver even shooting one; and by playing solid D in the second half. It appears that the Jazz are not fouling as much as they did last year. It may just be me, but it seems through these first four games the other team has not gotten into the penalty as early as last year.

Jimmy predicted the match up of the night would be CJ/AK versus Outlaw. I think we won that match up however they hit 10 three pointers on us. With Roy being able to drive on just about everyone he killed us with his drive and dish. Pryzbilla also killed us on the glass in the first half.
Overall I think we played much better in the second half obviously because we overcame an eleven point deficit to win a possession by possession game.

What to watch tonight.

TNT has its usual NBA Double header Philly@Orlando (I say Orlando by 6), Houston@ Portland (Houston by 18).

Broncos Vs. Browns on NFL network (I think Broncos by 10).

TCU @ UTAH Game of the year in the MWC, basically an elimination game for the BCS if you look at the remaining schedule. (TCU by 12)

(Side Note) I am conceding a Utah victory over BYU already with it being 3 weeks away. TCU took all the BYU life I had left two weeks ago, and BYU's defense as I have been saying all year (yup even after a 59-0 win over UCLA) is very suspect. It is as if In the Fourth quarter of the Utah State game they gave us some of the Cache Valley Water to drink and we haven't been the same since. It is a Bad case of Cache Valley Defense Diarrhea.

What to watch @ work on Friday, the top 50 shoe commercials of all time.

Go Jazz!!!