Coincidence, I think not! The Jazz are home again for the next four games playing Chicago, Memphis, Sacramento, and New Jersey; not the toughest schedule by any stretch of the imagination since the combined records of all of those teams are a stellar 21 wins and 33 loses (ouch!). For the Chicago game, the Jazz will be as short handed as they were on the road in Memphis, when they were able to score a major win without Korver, Boozer, Williams, and Collins. But, as we all hold our collective breathes, we have heard that Williams will try and get back in the line up by Wednesday, for the Memphis game. But, as I read this news over the wire and later heard if from D-Will’s lips, when he was trying his had once more at being an announcer for KJAZZ, I sat and wondered, why not Monday? If he is feeling as good as he said he is, why not play against Chicago? As any athlete knows, playing sports can be as much mental as it is physical. I think that D-Will is ready now, but the thought of playing against Derrick Rose of Chicago might have made him cringe. Can you imagine him tweaking his ankle, again, on the same foot that has cost him over 5 weeks of pain and agony in this season? I tried to reach D-Will for comment on this, but no one has returned my calls. It could be in my head; maybe he needed the extra day or two to have his ankle heal a little more, but I don’t think it is a coincidence that D-Will has chose the game after Chicago to make his season début. But, if that was the case, with our weak upcoming schedule, why not rest it for another week? Either way, we are excited to get our floor leader back in the game. Life off, Game on…Go Jazz!