I really hate being right most of the time.
Tracy had a monster first three quarters, but decided to play hide-n-seek during the fourth, "Tracy, where are you?" This series is over, Vince Carter circa 2000 over!

Kyle Korver's "Hey Ma one hand" shot with 1 second left on the shot clock and about 20 seconds in the game sealed the deal. Andrei didn't have a great game offensively tonight but sure stepped up on the D, especially in the fourth when Mcgrady was missing again. Memo stepped up with some huge shots (end of the half), so did Price (end of the third).

Rockets shot 61.5% from the free throw line and 21.1% from the three point line where generally as a team they are pretty decent (73.7% and 37%). I am going to give the Jazz about 80% of the credit, once again this game the Rockets missed a bunch of easy buckets. The Jazz seemed to answer every Rockets run. I give the Rockets a 5% chance of taking one of the next two games.

This will probably catch more fire tomorrow and over the next few days but David Locke who was at the game, said that as Boozer left the floor he was heard saying "We ain't coming back". I agree with Booze, the Jazz will finish off the Rockets in four.

Boozer and D-Will were just Gangster tonight and were not going to let this one slip away. Post game interviews can been seen below.
Rick Adelman Post Game
Tracy McGrady Post Game
Jerry Sloan Post Game

Final thoughts, In case you haven't been to the Jazz website lately here is a little something to get you pumped up, utahjazz.com. This makes me a little emotional especially since I was there last year and have felt the power.

Speaking of power, there are some of you, and you know who you are, whose fanhood needs to be questioned. I am calling you out. This is the time to fight the battle with a spouse, miss a softball game, take work off, borrow 40 dollars, or even add Memo to your list of baby names. This is the NBA Playoffs, were amazing happens we have to make these the days never to be forgotten.-Spencer