If gambling were legal in Utah ,you would probably want to take the Jazz +1 and over 183.

One problem I see with Houston due to the Yao injury is--- that nobody can pick up the point production. If McGrady is having an off night there probably only Battier can score more than 15 points. On the other hand, the Jazz have about 8 players that can and on regular basis score 15 points. Example, last game Brewer, Memo were off their game (held to four points combined) due to foul trouble, the bench scored 30 and AK had a surprising 21,4,3,2,1.

As long as Scola is matched up on Memo, I think he will have a bad series. Brewer on the other hand, should probably get into double digits tonight. D-Will should have another big game, and Boozer will end up with the same stats or close to them. As mentioned by Brendan, its playoff basketball and the bench has shortened up a lot, which gives the starter more playing time.

One final side note, the Refs, it is hard to ref in the playoffs. You have to let teams play physical, but don't let the players and emotions get out of control. If you watched the Spurs vs. Suns game you saw that the refs handled the game (full of emotion) very well. I think we are going to get the same crew that handled that game-Bennett Salvatore , Mike Callahan , Tony Brothers. The game should be called a little less tight tonight which bodes well for the Jazz and their style of play.

Final thought on McGrady and him throwing his team under the doubledecker bus. There is a difference between calling out your team and throwing them under the bus. The difference is leadership. A leader leads and plays hard whenever he is on the court and motivates when he is off the court i.e. Kevin Garnett. It will be interesting to see how the Rockets come out and play tonight, Battier and Scola will show up that's just the type of players they are. The big question is will McGrady show up tonight, if he does Jazz by 4, if he doesn't Jazz by 13. To bad gambling is illegal in Utah.- Spencer