"Carmelo, I'm sorry buddy."
-- Jazz point guard Deron Williams after being reminded that Carmelo Anthony told him this summer the Nuggets were going to win the Northwest Division this season.

The Jazz find themselves in a poker situation over the next four games... a redraw. A redraw in poker is when you and an opponent have the same hand, but you have the flush draw, meaning you can at worst tie to win the hand. This means you lose nothing, but have a ton to gain if the flush hits.

The Jazz have the flush draw right now. I understand that the Jazz may not win all four games, but if they do they are mathmatically guaranteed at worst a 3 seed and possibly a 2, or by a miracle chance, a 1 seed. The Jazz won the Midwest Division on Tuesday with the win over the Hornets, but have not yet won home court. We all know that the Jazz will be much better off if they get home court (they are 35-4 at the ESA). This means that if you have season tickets, only four times have you had to walk out of the arena with that crappy feeling. Really when you think about it, its freaking incredible, the Jazz are 35-4 at home. We need home court.

So here are the prediction for tonight's game:
  • D- Will owns Jason Kidd and outscores him by 9 and has 5 more assists.
  • Brewer/Price contain Jason Terry. He will have 15 pts, but Price will frustrate him.
  • Ak has to stop Howard, who has dropped 47,15,25 on us and is the only Mav that can beat us by himself.
  • Booze will get outscored by Dirk, but should have 6-9 more rebounds.
  • Memo will own Dampier on points, but rebounds will be about the same.

I think the Jazz will be leading in the fourth quarter, but won't win the game. The Mavs are playing at a different level now that Dirk is back in the lineup. I hope the Jazz win, but I'm still not convinced that they are the road team that we need them to be.