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Written by Spencer | 14 February 2008

If you're married, today is a love/hate day. You either hate it because you have to plan something romantic, or you love it because generally it's one of the only two guaranteed sex days of the year (the other being birthdays). As a Jazz fan, over the past 23 years or so there have been players that I have loved to hate.

Here are my top five in descending order (please add any that I have forgotten):
5. Sam Cassell - The only reason I am scared of aliens. I can't stand his game. He is a guard who thinks he is Shaq while trying to back people down in the lane. He has got to be one of the top trash talkers in NBA which also bothers me. I don't mind a little jawing, but he talks about player's moms and stuff. As a Jazz fan, I think the reason I hate him the most--Rings. He has more rings than the entire Jazz franchise, which is horribly disappointing.

4. Robert "Big Shot Rob" Horry - Seven rings all due to an uncanny and ridiculous ability to get traded or signed to championship teams.

3. Kobe "10 million dollar valentines day ring" Bryant - I graduated from High School in 1996, which is the same year as Kobe. I look at what he has done with his life and what I have done with mine, and it just makes me hate him. Three rings, 11 All-Star Games, one 81 point game and no MVP's makes me hate him even more. I also hate that the Jazz/Lakers games at Energy Solutions Arena always sound like they are being played at the Staples Center because of all the bandwagon Lakers fans attending the game. If you have no idea what im talking about, go to a Jazz/Lakers game.

2. Brian Skinner/Drew "Goat Tail" Gooden/Chris "Caveman" Caman - Number two is acutally a combination of three players. Against the rules, I know, but this is purely because of the way that they look. Here is a link to more bad haircuts:

1. Manu "Flopobili" Ginobili - I don't feel that there is an explanation needed here. However, after going to the Jazz @ Denver game last week, I get the feeling that Matt Harpring is turning into the Jazz's Manu. Everyone loves to hate Harpring. Go Matty!

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Written by Spencer | 15 December 2008

Jazz Podcast For the Christmas Road Trip no comments

Written by Spencer | 18 April 2008

I really can't express how stoked I am for the playoffs to start. I found one of my old Junoir Jazz certificates the other day, you know the ones signed by Jerry Sloan. I missed two games last year, the first Houston game and the "Baby Game". My wife is Due the second week of June so lets just hope I have a Jazz conflict come June right. I have decided to break down every series all the way to the NBA champion. It is like Christmas eve right about know, I am pulling out the true blue shirt, dusting of the Jazz terrible towl, and ironing my Boozer jersey.


Boston vs. Atlanta 4-0

With Atlanta pulling the just glad to be in the playoffs card, I think they get swept by Boston. I don't see a game within ten points. As great as a sweep is for Boston, I think it causes some problems for them in the next round I will explain when we get there.

Wizards vs. Cavs 4-2

I know that Deshaun Stevenson can't guard LJ, but the Cavs can't guard Butler,Jamison or freaking agent 0 coming of the bench. Arenas is coming of the bench, how sick is that? As Jazz fans you knowthat feeling you get when when Ginobili comes in against our second team, thats how the Cavs will feel.

Magic vs. Raptors 4-2

I don't know why Dwight Howard doesn't go for 30-18 everynight he is a man among boys. Turkalgo will have a good series along with Bosh, but Bosh is a lonestar up there in Canuck land. I do agree with everyone else and their dogs on the fact that TJ Ford is horrible and that Calderon is a freaking stud.

Detroit vs Philly 4-3

I think this series will go much further than everyone else, I feel that Philly is playing out of their minds right now and don't know that they are supposed to get killed here.

Lakers vs. Nuggets 4-1

The Nuggets can't play defense and the Lakers can score a ton of points, which equals almost a sweep. I am giving the Nuggets one game because between AI and Melo they will both have a good game in game four and put up about 70 points combined. The Kobe factor will not let this go more than 5.

Suns vs. Spurs 4-3

This is probably the best first round matchup I have ever seen or can remember. I think the Shaq trade will play a factir and also Amare will run wild and free. Although the Spurs are the Spurs and the Championship has to go through S.A.

Mavs vs. Hornets 4-2

Maybe the Mavs can handle being a seven see much better than a one seed (see last year). Howard and Dirk will have to do most of the work because Kidd will not be good having to guard CP3 and being much slower on offense. I think the playoff expirience of the Mavs will win this series.

Jazz vs. Rockets 4-1

Dispite the loss to the Spurs a few days ago, the Jazz are playing their best basketball of the year. We have the advantage at every position except for the AK Mcgrady matchup, it would be sick if AK could make McGrady play defense. I see the Jazz stealing one of the first two, then coming back home for the 3-1 lead and just killing the Rockets will to live and they will take game 5.

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Written by Spencer | 06 May 2008

Since all the writers of this blog have apparently died, I apologize for lack of info and updates, I have been completely busy. Check the links for recaps.

Game 2 I say Jazz by 5 112-107. Vegas has LA -7

The Lakers are the like the anti-Christ to me, they fall into the Yankees burn in hell category. I still can't believe they got Gasol for like 25 cents on the dollar. I'm not the only one who thinks the deal was/is a shaft-Greg Popovich . When I look at the trade on paper it baffles me that this trade made it, I understand that financial it was legit but talent wise ridiculous, I guess we have to see who the Wolves draft in 2008, 2010. I realize that this is water under the bridge but it still baffles me.

I hate Kobe Bryant. We graduated from high school together, as in, the same year 1996. Who takes Brandyto prom, especially the hot pre "I know what you did last summer" Brandy. Kobe. So while I'm delivering pizzas getting ready for a mission, he is playing NBA basketball for the freaking Lakers. When I look at him, I look at what my life could have been like, had I had a father that played in the NBA, was black, nine inches taller, got drafted out of High School, spoke French, had three rings and was getting sized for a fourth. Other than that we are pretty similar.

Europeans please cut your hair, your like the freaking Red Sox and their pinetar helmets. Wow Red Sox and Yankees references in a playoff post, I'm on fire.

OK so Pau is soft, I believe that if Memo gets half of what he did in game one we will win game two. Boozer we need you so bad. By the way, some of might not have noticed but D-Will almost got a triple double.

I believe that the Lakers are the best team in the league as of today, I believe that the Hornets are playing the best basketball, I believe that the Jazz are the only team that can beat them both in a seven game series if we play Jazz basketball. BBJ wrote a great piece about the Hornets and why it should pump up the Jazz.

I picked the Jazz in six, knowing that game seven, Kobe, Staples, Kobe, on the road and Kobe is not possible. I really think we will win game two,three, four, six but Jazz basketball has to be involved.

As the Mother's Day game gets closer, I would like to personally thank the NBA for making my wife super happy, so happy in fact, she wants me to do it every year. She hates breakfast in bed and all that crap, especially since she is 8 months pregnant. So thank you NBA ,you have saved my marriage. I really hope Crown Burger serves french toast. Spencer no comments

Written by Spencer | 12 February 2008

With 10 teams over .500 and on pace for 45-50 wins, one team flirting with .500 (Sacramento), and the trade deadline coming up, this will probably be the most intense two months of NBA basketball we have ever seen. Obviously, the West will work itself out, but as it sits right now the Jazz would be playing the Lakers WITHOUT home court (which we all know the Jazz usually need...last year being an exception). We would get a 1-8 match up of Phoenix and Golden State which G.S. could easily win right now even with the Shaq trade by Phoenix. Denver and N.O. (A.I. vs. C3po, Martin vs. West, Camby vs. Chandler, Mello vs. Peja... ridiculous). Last but not least, a fight for the state of Texas between S.A. and Dallas. This probably won't be the way things end up obviously, but its fun to think about.

Oh and by the way, the hottest team in the West right now (Houston ...7 wins in a row and 9 of their last 10) wouldn't even make the playoffs.

There have been conversations between basketball fans that the West should get ten teams this year and the East should only get six. This would be fine by me; the East would then only have one team with a losing record in the playoffs.

After talking with Bryce and Doug online last night, there could be a West team that is ten games over .500 NOT make the playoffs with a record of 46-36 or 47-35. The Jazz have 30 games left counting Wednesday's game against Seattle. Of those 30 games, 8 are with teams in the West with a higher seed (Phoenix, Dallas, LA, NO, and SA); 4 are with playoff potential teams in the West (Golden State, Houston, Denver, Portland); 9 are against the basement teams in the West (Minnesota, Seattle, Memphis, LAC); 2 are against the two best teams in the East (Detroit at home and Boston away); the remaining 7 games are against the crappy teams in the East, (Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Toronto, New Jersey, Milwaukee, Washington).

This being said, I think the Jazz playoff run will come down to three things.
1. We have to beat the teams that we SHOULD beat. We have 16 games left against "lesser opponents" and hopefully we can avoid pulling another Christmas Road Trip.

2. Road trips. These are another key to the Jazz making a deep playoff run. For the remaining 30 games, only twice do we have consecutive road games. March 11-15 we play four games in five days against the East and on April 8-10 we play @ NO and @ Dallas.

3. These two games at New Orleans and at Dallas are part of the third and most important point, which is the last two weeks of the season. Besides those two games the Jazz play SA twice, Denver and Houston. This is a brutal part of the schedule, but if we keep focused, I think we can perform well.

The West is at the point where if a team loses three in a row, they could go from fourth to eighth or even out of the playoffs. I realize that this is all just hype, but if the Jazz want to make the playoffs and go deep, they need to stay hot and continue to play well over the next two months. As Bolerjack would say, "Booner, it's time to buckle up!" (especially for teams in the Wild Wild West).

- Spencer no comments